YATZ: 2019Q4

"YATZ" == Yet another Trip to Zurich.

I end up going to Zurich regularly as part of work so I try to get in a hike around the countryside to see more of switzerland then the city blocks between the hotel and the office.

This trip I did a 10.7 mile hike from Zurichsee to Etzel Kulm and back down seeing some of the "exaburbs" or Zurich.

Most of the hike was through both fields of farmers and through the neighbor hoods of apartment blocks and houses, sometimes they combined, like here is an apartment building that had a large flock of sheep surrounding it:

And here was one chubby little pig of a pair of pigs that a person had in their front yard. The tree looked to be a walnut tree that I assume to pigs enjoy.

The housing and the Farms really were pretty closely nested with each other and this hiking path wandered in and through them.

One of the towns had this painted fire hydrant which I just loved the look of.

It was November and the rains were starting to come, but everywhere in Switzerland is elevationally varied. We ended up climbing up to ~3200 ft up and crossing the snow line. It was melting and the trees kept trying to dump snow on us.

Near the top of the climb we stopped at a cafe and had some local venison. (The waiter didn't speak english and when she asked the next table if they could translate what was on the menu we got that it was "Bambi". :-)

I thought the espresso and cup was lovely.

On the way back down we passed through the center of another town and we passed by this inn and I really liked the sign on it. https://www.stmeinrad.ch

Nearby was this chapel which apparently built around the 1300s and rebuilt in 1698, And it appears to have a website here: https://www.stmeinrad.ch/gasthaus-kapelle/kapelle/


  1. "In 1698 [the chapel ]was broken off and rebuilt according to plans by Caspar Moosbrugger..." That is a great name.


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