YATZ 2020Q1

This quarter's trip to Switzerland had me visiting the site of the winter Olympics in both 1928 and 1948. St. Moritz. Which is centered around two lakes that are frozen over and had people doing all kinds of stuff out on the lake. Including a section that was being Zambonied for a speed skating competition. Sadly I was there a few weeks before the snow horse race https://www.myswitzerland.com/en-ch/experiences/events/white-turf-st-moritz/

I just like the contrast of the enclosed swimming pool in snow.

The train ride up itself was amazing  as you start off in the green valleys that are cold (not yet freezing though) and ascend into the mountains.

Some truly dramatic vistas.

I only had a day there and I spent it hiking around on the well groomed hiking trails taking in the views.

Yes it's a bit HDRed but it still was very very lovely.

A couple of other notes, I really highly suggest trying out MAME (https://mame.coffee/) Maps: (https://goo.gl/maps/4upFTjZh7dQdb8Nk9) The coffee "flights" where they use the same bean and make an espresso & cappuccino & chemex from it and serve them together is a way to really see all aspects of a bean.

Finally I love the weird things you can find window shopping in Zurich.


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