Replacement Adirondack Chair

Back in '002 I made some Adirondack chairs from Norm Abrams New Yankee workshop as my first real foray into woodworking:

Cedar is pretty good at being outside, but after 14 years of snow, rain and sun they are developing some issues:

Along with the mold in a few of them and the wood breaking down, (an unpictured chair had 2 seat slats break) time to make new one. One long term maintenance issue I had had was the grain raise on the arms needed sanding every few years and with easier access to other woods (I'm really happy with I went with Ipe (an ironwood) for the first  chair.

This has it's own problems in manufacture as there is silica in the wood and that's bad on the sharpness of tools, also the dust is really noxious and it very heavy. Even with pilot holes I was having problems driving screws. But it is done. Next up going to try out some Iroko.