Lasagna Project 8/34

Eight up in the Lasagna project is

A Potentially Vegan Puttanesca Lasagna

I do like a good Puttanesca sauce on some noodles. So this one sounded like it was going to be really nice.

I went with making my own noodles for this one too as I assumed you could really taste them in here. Plus it has a fun layering look to it. Due to the current circumstances I'm just using canned black olives rather than some nice oil cured ones, so I look forward to making this one again some day once I have access to tasty olives. Also might use a meatier fish than the (optional) anchovies. So ... mine was not the vegan variant.

Also used the 8x11 dish again for this one, a good size and a nice lasgana.

A before put in the oven shot.