Cat Stairs


We got a kitten, and after a few weeks it became apparent that she had some muscle development issues in her limbs. She is happy and playful but just unable to jump and sitting up can be hard. After a number of vet visits it looks like some spinal issue that should be stable and she'll be fine just need some help with climbing.

As a result I've started making some cat stairs for some parts of the house.

First up was some prototyping with cardboard:

Next up drawing up a simple version and making a quick slap together one. (~1 hour o slice up boards on and and just screw things together

She took well to his so next up was trying to scale it up as I wanted one for the bed too, It passed both Router and Grover's inspections.

Next up make a pretty version, with half-blind dovetails for the corner joins and sliding dovetails for the perpendicular joins. do some test fits to see if she fits. Upgrade to some white oak. And do some ammonia fuming for a finish.


Finally does it work? Yep!