Lasagna Project 12/34

Twelfth up in the Lasagna project is

 Sweet Pea Lasagna With Mint Pesto

As I'm writing this post ~5 months after I made this one and I have no notes, I have got to say I have little memory of it. It's a meat free one but with cheese. I was trying to switch between the meaty ones and the veggie ones as these generally last most of the week for lunch or a quick side dish with dinner, and the variety was nice.

As a result I guess this one is fine since I have no notes about it. It was the first one that sent me on a hunt for Taleggio cheese, something I have yet to find. I ended up substituting in a goat brie, as brie was a suggested alternate. It also uses asparagus, scallions and leeks which made it a good fit for the early in the year CSA box. This was another one with fresh pasta too, I was trying to select those to get good at the pasta making.

Really like the noodles fitting perfectly.

Filling is also ricotta along with the Taleggio.

It does look pretty.