Lasagna Project 21/34

 Twenty-first up in the Lasagna project is

Sausage-Fennel Lasagna Rolls

This was one of the recipes that made me really interested in getting this book and it did not disappoint. The rolls were delicious and fun. My cook along friend noted the pre-portioning made it a great leftovers for lunch.

Hint, get the narrow longer lasagna noodles.

The main sub recipes, bechemel, sauteed fennel bulb, and some browned sausage.

Put everything on noodles, roll them up tight and put them in a pan and voila!

Er.. Yeah not so neat. Turns out the lasagna noodles I'm using are a bit wide and short for this one. If you are going to make it I suggest noodles that are longer and wider, Barilla for instance, not De cecco. I generally like the short wide ones for in the pan but Barilla just works better structurally here:

These are my cook-along friend's (Derek) result of assembly. Much cleaner, and they stay that way through cooking.

Then pour on the bechemel, bake and yum.

The weight of the bechemel on top just made things worse structurally.