Lasagna Project 29/34

 Twenty-ninth up in the Lasagna project is

Eggplant Parm Lasagna

As mentioned earlier, I'm not really a fan of eggplant so I had not really been looking forward to this one but it needed to get done so here we are.

Apparently eggplant is not a fan of me either as the eggplant broil phase of the recipe apparently broke my oven's temperature control system and yes that means we are trying to replace our oven now, which due to the pandemic are apparently in short supply. So.. this is the last Lasagna post until that happens.

As for the lasagna, oddly it has no parm in it, it uses Pecornio instead. And the eggplant is not very up front so I actually quite enjoyed it, Of course we only discovered the broken temperature control when I did the mid-bake check and found this:

A little browner then I would have expected, so it appears you can cook it at 550F in 20ish minutes if you are in a rush?

I did get some very pretty eggplants for this 

All ready for assembly, you can see the eggplant attempted broiling was a bit inconsistent, they varied a bit in thickness despite using a mandolin to slice it up. 


It's like I wanted the lasagna to better match the table?