Lasagna Project 30/34

Thirtieth up in the Lasagna Project is


I was not aware of Timpano before reading this recipe book, and had not watched the movie Big Night in which it is featured. This pasta encased lasagna is delicious and is a lovely thing to bake. I highly suggest making one. In fact it's one of the recipes I've made a few times since this experiment.

It does start with handmade fresh pasta 

It has a very meat heavy sauce.

And it's baked in a spring form pan with that pasta wrapping it and has layers of pasta inside.

This will be layer 2, there is an all sausage layer below.

Fully wrapped up.

As mentioned elsewhere we were down a main oven so this was the first lasagna that was cooked up in the Anova, it went well the temperature control on this is great.

What it looks like out of the oven, there is a bit of cheese sprinkled on top but it's just for looks.

Turned out of the spring form pan

It makes for a good looking slice with well defined layers. Really highly suggested to try this one  out.