Lasagna Project 7/34

Seventh up in the Lasagna project is

Beet-Ricotta Lasagna with Brown Butter & Poppy Seeds

First off no beets.

I subbed in carrots for the beets and red chard for the beet greens and brie for the Taleggio cheese.

This recipe also features the first use of a new 2 qt 8" x 11" ceramic dish. This is a really nice size dish for the two of us.

The substitute carrots and greens worked well, I think a stronger flavored cheese would be better. I'm keeping my eyes open for the Taleggio.

Overall I think it was a pretty delicious vegetable lasagna.

I really like the look of the grated carrots, and the overall layering. Also the crispy noodles were really nice.

Some assembly and mid eating photos.