Lasagna Project 4/34

Fourth up in the Lasagna project is

Spinach Manicotti with Creamy Tomato Sauce

This takes us back to the "Other Baked Pastas" chapter. But oddly no pasta in this at all as it uses Italian crepes, "Crespelle" instead of the manicotti noodle.

This was a fabulous idea as it really fixed the saggy loose noodle issue you get with manicotti. So far this was the niftiest recipe idea so far. This is also is the first recipe I have errata for, when making the sauce it says add 4 cups of water, I think they meant 2 cups or that they expected you to reduce it over > 1 hour.

To makes this first up was learning how to make crepes. The old adage of "throw the first one away" was true for me as (on the left) it was the only really failed one. The rest went very well and even had enough time to grab a shot or two.

Next up was making a ricotta and spinach filling. This seems like a great place to try out the other ricotta idea the book suggests in the final section so I might redo this one again some what soon.
And then making rolled crespelle filled with it. The 3 on the left I made them with the wrong side of the crespelle facing out. Then layer in a pan and finally cover with a creamy tomato sauce.

This makes for a very lovely meal.

(And for the eagle eyed readers, yes I did figure out I counted wrong and it's 34 recipes I need to make.)