Lasagna Project 10/34

Tenth up in the Lasagna project is

Classic Bolognese & Bechamel Lasagna

This ones is kinda of fun as it's reciped is basically make 3 other recipes and then assemble them. By this point I'm good a making fresh lasagna pasta sheets, so that went well. I'm getting skilled at the Bechamel sauce only calling Megan over once or twice to make sure its going well. So the new thing is the bolognese sauce.

I've tried this kind of lasagna before and was never that good so I didn't have high hopes, But this was delicious! The bolognese sauce was very rich and flavorful, much more then I had ever had before. It was fun doing he add a new ingredient and some liquid and then reduce down to solids.

Sadly I appear to have taken very few photos of the process just of the final assembly.

Fully Assembled and Baked


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