Lasagna Project 18/34

Eighteenth up in the Lasagna project is

More is More Triple Cheese Mac & Cheese

Full disclosure, I have a favorite Mac & cheese recipe. It's Alton Brown's Stovetop recipe. I've made this dozens of times and it's awesome. Completely cheese forward and works well with any cheese. Really any. I generally use 4 different cheeses that I choose at almost random. I have scaled it up 4x and down 1/2x. Once I made it with 40 different cheeses and it was still great.

Given that whenever I make a new mac & cheese recipe it's going to go up against that legacy, and in general bechemel based ones just seem not great, they always seem not very cheesy. Too much sauce diluting the cheese I assume.

This one does have the fun idea of using cheese crackers for the crumbly topping that is common in these oven recipes. Otherwise... I'm sticking with Alton's custard based recipe.

It's pretty.