Lasagna Project 28/34

 Twenty-eighth in the Lasagna project is


I had never heard of long ziti before reading this recipe, but I was very excited to learn of it's existence. For those that haven't seen it before it's as long as spaghetti but it a ziti tube of pasta.

This was a really fun assembly, and delicious, It's another heavy one just noodles, meat and Bechemel.

Still really enjoying these pre-starting shots of everything lined up.

It's really fun that Bechemel is just a thing I churn out now. COnsidering I had shied away from it for years due to some long ago mishaps.

Nutmeg innards are always neat.

Everything ready to go. I love the color of the meat sauce, such a rich red-brown color.

Placing each ziti so that they line up in nice even lines 

The meat layer atop

Means the second layer is not as neat, but yeah every single noodle was individually picked up and laid down to get it as even as possible.

Then hid it all under Bechemel

Such a satisfying look to served pieces.