Lasagna Magical Fun Time Adventures, And New Project Kickoff

I ended up getting a taller pan after this variant.

Over the past year or so I've been having some fun trying to make a lasagna I'm happy with. I've started with the recipe in the "Joy Of Cooking"  (1997 edition, boy that style of ingredients in the middle of recipe is annoying) which is based around a ~5 hour tomato sauce recipe.

Almost done.

For the sauce, I've done a couple of dozen small variants (switch out the beef for any of ribs, pork, lamb, a split of 2 meats) trying out fresh versus canned tomatoes, etc. All of which have been enjoyable, but I think the original beef is the best. But I've yet to try goat yet.

The first hour of making tomato sauce doesn't involve any tomatoes at all.

For the lasagna they include sausage in it (which is like a backfill version of a classic italian sunday gravy), and while I've enjoyed the spicy Italian sausage, overall it does make it a bit meaty. The meatballs made from the meat that was braised in the sauce are probably enough.
It's funny that you make the meatballs then break them up as you layer the ingredients together.

Anyway, as I've been on this I found out this book was coming out. It's now here and am going to try and cook the noddle dishes in there which by my count is 34 (35 if you count the nutellasagna which I'm not sure if I do or don't.)
Into the oven my pretty!

List of posts about each recipe I've completed:

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  2. Ethiopian Lasagna
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  4. Slow-Cooker Spinach Ricotta Lasagna
  5. Classic Bolognese & Bechamel Lasagna
  6. Moussaka
  7. Carbonara Lasagna
  8. A Potentially Vegan Puttanesca Lasagna
  9. Lasagna with Kale Pesto
  10. Beet-Ricotta Lasagna with Brown Butter & Poppy Seeds
  11. Accidentally Vegan Sweet Corn & Scallion Lasagna
  12. Italian Sub Lasagna
  13. Sweet Pea Lasagna with Mint Pesto
  14. Roasted Squash Lasagna w/Leeks & Sage
  15. Red Wine-Braised Short Rib Lasagna
  16. Porchetta-Spiced Pork Shoulder Lasagna
  17. Moroccan-Spiced Lamb Lasagna
  18. Sausage-Fennel Lasagna Rolls

  19. Fried Lasagna Bites

  20. Baked Ziti

  21. Spinach Manicotti with Creamy Tomato Sauce 
  22. Cheesy Skillet Baked Spaghetti
  23. Creamy Tomato Baked Orecchiette with Sausage & Cheese
  24. Rotisserie Chicken Tetrazinni

  25. More is More Triple Cheese Mac & Cheese